Avast! Free Antivirus 8.0.1489 / 9.0.2000 Beta

Avast! Free Antivirus is a reliable antivirus software solution designed to provide computer users with effective protection against viruses and spyware. Avast antivirus is a package of application that aim to protect your system from possible all virus infection or any other malware threat. If you integrate it correctly with other programs such as data backup utilities, then it will reduce the risk of your computer being attacked or infected by a virus, and thus the risk of losing important or private data.

Avast boot scanner is actually a very handy function because it attempts to scan the computer before the operating system is fully loaded and thus before any virus is ready to take control of certain system files. avast! antivirus now also comes with a completely revamped user interface for easier scanning. avast! Pro antivirus offers a number of additional features, including a script shield and a process virtualization module, while avast! Internet Security comes with an antispam filter and built-in firewall. Once installed, avast! runs silently in the background to protect your computer against all known forms of malware. You don’t need to do anything else – just install and forget!

Avast has four scanning mode “Quick Scan”, “Full System Scan”, “Removable Media Scan” and “Select folder to scan”. If you are using Quick scan then it will scan in few minutes, whereas “Full System” mode will take more longer time and this sometime depends on your drive data and data loaded on your local drive.

Features of Avast! Free Antivirus

  • Antivirus and Anti-spyware Engine.
  • Streaming, Real-time Virus Database Updates.
  • File Reputation System.
  • Protective Features.
  • avast! Real-time Shields – a team of 24/7 guards.


  • Processor Pentium 3
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 400 MB of free hard disk space

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